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London’s ‘ghost’ towers: an attractive investment

  With many luxury apartments in the capital’s residential towers left unsold after development, lower prices and options to buy in bulk present an interesting investment opportunity, especially when considering

Is London facing a tech property bubble?

London holds on to it’s position of one of the leading global tech hubs, despite Brexit-induced uncertainty. Tech companies struggling to find affordable rents in Old Street and Shoreditch, turn

The London Report: new transportation, infrastructure and targets

With London’s official population predicted to grow by almost 2 million to around 10.8 million by 2041 and employment being expected to increase on average by 49,000 jobs each year,

Common mistakes to avoid with bridging loans

Bridging loans are a fairly new product and have increased significantly in popularity over the last decade. The value of the industry has increased from £1 billion in 2011 to

Information you need for a bridging loan

Using bridging finance is a common way to obtain finance in a short space of time and bypass the traditional delays associated with a mortgage application. Tiger Bridging is a

Auction bridging finance explained

  Many may overlook the bridging market when considering purchasing property at an auction. This article explains the required criteria and process of obtaining bridging loans in such scenarios. Similar

Commercial bridging loans explained and why act now

  This article covers the logic behind obtaining commercial bridging loans and their multi-functionality. Given the current market conditions, the faster one secures a bridging loan and subsequently sells, the

Recent developments in property risk assessment

Property and land risk assessments are important both pre and post valuation, helping property purchasers and professionals to make informed decisions and minimise exposure to property risk. There has been

Peculiar trends in the UK commercial property market

  Whilst demand has plunged following the exodus of tenants, contrary to expectations, the market is currently experiencing a rise in commercial property rents, according to listed companies and published

2018 Q2 bridging market performance and the rise in refurbishment loans

The bridging finance market has experienced some favourable changes for borrowers, however, with yields being squeezed across the country, buy-to-let investors are turning to refurbishment as a way of securing