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Whole of Market Bridging Loan Broker

At Tiger Bridging, we specialise in finding the right funding to make your project fly, as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible. As a whole of market bridging loan and development finance broker, we are sure to find a market leading solution for all of your property finance needs. With no upfront fees, why not try us and find out! In fact, some of our lender panel guarantee to beat any rate – so you really have nothing to lose!

We offer a truly bespoke service, with access to the whole lending market. Our panel offer industry leading rates and the fastest turnarounds in the business.

No credit check or bank statements
1st, 2nd and 3rd charge loans available
No monthly payments
No proof of income
Interest deducted from loan
Market-leading rates from 0.45%
100% Purchase price available (up to 70% LTV)

Loans based on Market Value
Terms from 1-24 months
Loans from £50k to £100m
Discharged bankrupts welcome
No faster loans in the UK
England, Scotland, Wales & NI
No set criteria
Loans to individuals, LLP’s or limited companies

Buying under value from an LPA Receiver
Buying at auction
Development and refurbishment
Developing an uninhabitable property

Purchasing before planning permission
Borrowing against value not purchase price
Unexpected tax liability
You need a loan based on the value

When conventional credit is refused
You need working capital
You want no monthly payments
When you need finance fast

Residential property
Commercial property
Semi-commercial property
Hotels and Pubs

Nursing/care homes
Multiple occupation (such as HMOs)

Agricultural property
Offshore special purpose vehicles (SPV)

With Tiger Bridging, you can benefit from our granular knowledge of the bridging loan market, with access to rates that are unavailable to the public. Using our well established network of lenders, complimented by our exclusive stable of private investors, we can secure flexible, bespoke and creative bridging loans, as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Bridging finance can be obtained for a number of purposes, including purchasing an investment property, equity release, and property refurbishment and development, amongst others. Our deep understanding of the property finance market allows us to arrange bespoke bridging loans tailored to your project.

The tightening of lending criteria by mainstream lenders has led to an increased demand in diversified product ranges catering to numerous property-backed finance scenarios. As a specialist broker, we will guide you through the maze, and lead you to the most suitable lender for your project.

Bridging Loan Case Studies


A business owner required £900,000 to take advantage of a timely business opportunity. The capital funds were required asap, so the entrepreneur could close the deal. Our client owned an investment property in a prime part of Central London valued at £2.5m, with an existing mortgage of £500,000.  Due to issues with his credit file in 2011 in the economic crunch, he was unable to secure mainstream buy to let funding to release the capital he required. A second charge loan was arranged for 65% LTV, including interest and fees. The client was then able to secure funding for the new business venture; with the new business able to secure refinance to take out the original second charge bridging loan.

bridging finance bristol

A developer approached us to discuss a residential refurbishment property valued at £550,000.  The client was unable to secure a mortgage, due to the property requiring significant work for it to become habitable, and therefore unable to attract a mainstream mortgage.  Within a two week period, we provided a 70% LTV facility for 4 months, with the interest and majority of fee payments rolled up into the loan. This allowed the client to purchase the property and carry out the works; and in doing so, increasing the value of the completed project.  The developer then exited the bridging loan facility by refinancing the property on a normal commercial buy to let mortgage.

commercial bridging loans london

The client wanted to purchase a mixed use property for £1.2m, comprising ground floor shop frontage, and a tired collection of residential units, that had fallen into disrepair.  The borrower was unable to get mainstream finance to complete the purchase or conduct the refurbishment works. Through a first charge 65% LTV bridging finance facility with us, the developer was able to complete the purchase, and convert the project into 9 individual apartments over a 6 month term.


Suitability for Bridging Loans

Adverse credit history and discharged bankruptcy will not always impact your chances of securing an urgent bridging loan, depending on the project and the buyer profile. Speed is essential for short term finance and auction finance, and our specialist options are available quickly, and tailored to your individual requirements. In most cases, bridging loans can take 2-3 weeks to be obtained, however in some circumstances, funds can be available within 48-72 hours.

We offer individuals, LLP’s and limited companies access to large bridging loans, and with no monthly payments, you are able to get your commercial or residential project funded, even if the banks say no.

Residential & Commercial Bridging Loans

At Tiger Bridging, we are a specialist bridging loan finance broker, offering short-term financial solutions for both residential and commercial property developments. Loan terms range from 1 to 24 months, and the upper loan limit is flexible depending on the scheme and the principals involved.

You can apply for first, second and third charge bridging loan finance through Tiger Bridging for all property types including:









Market-leading rates are available from 0.45%, and as a specialist urgent bridging loan broker, we work with the whole of the bridging market, as well as exclusive access to a broad range of bespoke bridging loans sourced from our reliable stable of high net worth investors and family offices.

Many lenders will base the loan amount offered on the property’s open market value, with 100% of the purchase price available up to 70% LTV.

Whatever your bridging finance requirements, we can offer the right facility to suit your specific requests, while ensuring all parties’ needs are met in the most practical and efficient manner.

The first stage is a call or an online application using the form below.

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