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Turkish financial crisis – a potential threat to European banks

Europe’s excess exposure to financial instability in Turkey should act as a warning to developers, who may want to reconsider their current borrowing strategies.

 The Eurozone’s chief financial watchdog, the

Borrowing in the face of a hard Brexit

  The confirmation of a hard Brexit could significantly impact the lending market. Developers would do well to borrow now, in order to avoid facing an uncertain financial climate. As

Why finance UK residential developments?

Recent market fundamentals have placed UK residential developments under the spotlight, in the eyes of property lenders. This article will discuss the reasons why the current environment makes residential property

The effect of recent tax and policy changes on mortgages

The recent tax and regulatory changes have led to subdued growth in the buy-to-let market. The new mortgage deal may assist buyers in maximising the tax relief that is soon

Stability in the Central London Prime Property Market

    The central London residential property market is holding steady, with prices remaining mostly unaffected for the past 12 months. Whilst growth overall is still marginal, prices across the

Alternative Financing On The Rise

  The combination of recent tax and regulatory changes has impacted the decisions and the level of flexibility of high street lenders, in turn, helping to establish bridging finance as